The Neighbourhood

Show Review: The Neighbourhood @ the Fonda

The Neighbourhood @ the FondaThe Neighbourhood is going places, if they have not gone pretty far already. Their single “Sweater Weather” topped the Billboard Alternative charts and they’ve played massive music festivals around the world. They also managed to sell out The Fonda Theater in Los Angeles, twice, in the span of just two months.

This band, both adorable and talented, also knows how to put on a show. The crowd at the Fonda was packed; hundreds of fans – beyond eager – waiting for them to come out.

They surely knew how to live up to the hype.

The Neighbourhood @ the FondaDressed all in black shirts, of course, The Neighbourhood opened with “Sweater Weather,” which immediately sent everyone in the audience screaming with excitement and overwhelming “I love youuuuuu!!!”‘s. The band performed several songs off of their debut album I.Love.You., like “Let It Go,” “Alleyways” and “Female Robbery.” But I truly enjoyed “W.D.Y.W.F.M,” not just because it is one of my favorite songs off of their album, but because lead singer Jesse Rutherford asked the crowd to shout “What” interchangeably with him during the chorus. The throngs of young girls, and some guys, echoed almost every song lyric, even ones off of their I’m Sorry EP like “Wires,” and other singles like “A Little Death.” One of the best moments of the show, however, was the band’s “Say My Name/Cry Me A River” medley cover, a simple and refreshing take on the pop hits.

The band describes their sound as “dark pop,” which is more than fitting, especially since their sound gives off an almost haunting, chilling vibe. Yet the energy of Rutherford and the rest of the band gave the show an upbeat mood, and kept the crowd clapping, cheering and singing along the entire time.

Jessica Goldman for The Independent FM