Gary Numan

Show Review: Gary Numan @ the Observatory

Gary Numan @ the ObservatoryBritish rocker and electronic music pioneer Gary Numan tore through a lively performance in front of a near capacity Orange County crowd at the Observatory in Santa Ana on Wednesday night.

Numan, with the aid of extensive visuals including projections and strobe lights, prowled around the stage with his menacing gazes toward the crowd as he made his way through a set that included signature hits from his past like “Cars,” “Metal” and “Are Friends Electric?” as well as a glimpse into his upcoming album Splinter, including the single “I Am Dust.” Halfway through the set, Numan was joined by current Nine Inch Nails guitarist, Robin Finck, also featured on Splinter, who sat in for a good portion of the set, adding yet another layer of guitar and freeing a sweaty Numan up to work his tightly-packed devotees.

What Numan has proven to be most successful at is his ability to meld his oldest material (some of which dating back 34 years) with his newest work in a way that is almost indistinguishable and with a sound that is not only current but representative of the icon who has built a lasting career on experimentation.

His new album, Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind) is due out October 15th.

Rich Fury for The Independent FM