Saturday’s SXSW Slog

Saturday in Austin brought more rain and mud, and the burnout factor… but our Mo trudged on and saw a few bands for you!

Cairo Knife Fight

It was far too early in the morning for a band this loud to be rocking as hard as they do, but duo Cairo Knife Fight out of New Zealand brought their Black Sabbath meets Death From Above 1979 thrash to brunch and it was glorious.



Residual Kids 2

Austin’s Residual Kid sound like they grew up with Nirvana and AC/DC, but considering they ages average about 15, that sort of isn’t possible. They rock with the kind of abandon only kids can have, but damn talented kids, with more energy than anyone at the showcase – except maybe their high school friends. Expect them to take over the world soon.



Out of Madrid came Hinds (formerly Deers) to play cute rowdy indie pop that the crowd positively ate up. Slightly retro 60s, melodic and sometimes a bit naughty, always fun and pretty adorable.




Another European band, this one called Makthaverskan (say that three times fast… hell, say it once!) out of Sweden did those angular early new wave guitar like structures but were fronted by a peppy frontwoman screaming in an early Bjork like fashion. Art damage and whimsy all in one place.

Mini 2Mini MansionsLA’s Mini Mansions, led by QOTSA bassist Michael Shulman, was a very pop, yet somehow trippy and badass affair. It was mesmerizing, for the stage antics as well as the unfolding drama of the melodies, that translated beautifully live.


of Verona

And more LA… of Verona brought their indie electro to the stage, segueing in some of the 60’s and 70’s groove that shaped them without making it to obvious (except for the gorgeous cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams”).



Then it was done. The official stuff, anyway… Till next year, SXSW!