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New Music Review 8.20.13

No Age - An ObjectThe mid-summer dearth of new releases has ended with a bunch of killer new music this week! Where to begin… Here’s what’s on tap this week: No Age “An Object”, Superchunk “I Hate Music”, Ty Segall “Sleeper”, and White Lies “Big TV”.

8/20/13 – 
No Age “An Object” (Sub Pop) – It sure sounds like more than two people making this music… Singer-drummer Dean Spunt and guitarist Randy Randall have taken the level of noise to a new level on their fourth LP. Along with Japandroids (also a guitar & drums two-piece band), No Age seem to be chiefly interested in gritty, unique sounds and creating moods with their music instead of following the traditional craft of writing “songs” with harmonies and bridges and all that. Some of the works never fully burst to life with a huge chorus, they just simmer and spark and grumble… It’s a nice change from the verse-chorus-verse formula and I’m sure these songs will be powerful in a live setting.
Video: “No Ground”:

8/20/13 – Superchunk “I Hate Music” (Merge) – Mac McCaughan and his band mates have stuck with the simple yet effective formula of loud guitars, upbeat rhythms and shout along melodic choruses for decades now, with a string-laden ballad thrown in here and there, and they haven’t reinvented the wheel this time either. Why change if you’re onto something great? I’ve been into Superchunk since their first record, and it’s been so gratifying to see them last this long with all the original members intact. They’re still doing what they do best, which is creating rocking, catchy, fun, energetic songs, played without pretension and with the same enthusiasm they had back when they started. Even if the LP’s title suggests otherwise.
Video: “FOH”:
8/20/13 – Ty Segall “Sleeper” (Drag City) – Known for his Robert Pollard-like propensity to churn out a new record every few months (he’s put out twelve LPs and he’s only 26), Ty Segall goes emotionally rawer and deeper with this mostly acoustic-based LP that addresses the recent loss of his father to cancer. His records are usually full of distortion and loud rock, but here Segall has a found a knack for making acoustic guitar songs sound groovy and majestic. There are hints of early T. Rex in places, and he sounds a lot like Andrew Wood from Mother Love Bone in others. All the while getting all confessional and raw like Plastic Ono Band throughout. Good stuff!
Video: “Sleeper”:
8/20/13 – White Lies “Big TV” (Fiction UK / Harvest US) – These Brits follow in the footsteps of Interpol, Editors and other recent bands that have obvious love for Joy Division, however they use more keyboard tracks and dance beats this time around. Nods to 80’s powerhouses Simple Minds and Tears For Fears are obvious, and this might have been what Joy Division would’ve sounded like if they came out in the late 80’s rave dance craze instead of the late 70’s. If you like big soaring choruses and lots of 80’s sounding synths with your rock n’ roll, then check this record out.
Video: “Big TV”:
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