New Music Report 9.23.14

alt-J-This-Is-All-YoursIn just two weeks, there have been a couple of exciting releases! Did you forget these were coming out? Well, they are here!

Alt – J  – This is All Yours (Infectious Music)

Haunting and groovy, these Brits haven’t strayed too far from their debut formula (despite losing an original member of the band). Sort of trippy folky indietronica, not too arty to be off putting and still fun., but there is an underlying sweetness to the whole thing that truly gives it its heart.

TweedySukierae (Anti)

The Wilco frontman has some things to say on his own, and  he’s putting out a double album to make sure you get to hear it all. But it’s not just Jeff you’ll hear on this album – it’s a Tweedy duo, with some Spencer playing the drums and showcasing himself as yet another of the more than capable musicians Jeff tweedy brings to his musical table. Breezy and  folky and intimate.

The Juan MacleanIn A Dream (DFA)

The Juan Maclean had the presence of a DJ act when it first appeared, but it has now become a full fledged band experience with their 3rd album. Taking cues from their live shows and close relationship with LCD Soundsystem (of which now lead vocalist Nancy Whang was a member) has definitely given the band a fullness and soul that wasn’t quite as evident before.

Mr. Twin Sisters/t (Infinite Best/Twin Group)

New York’s Mr. Twin Sister (formerly just Twin Sister) have returned with a bit of reinvention… More of a disco loungey thing, trying to seduce you without appearing to do so. Electronically altered vocals, funky grooves, low key café sounds… it’s all an attempt to make you feel like your evening is the sexiest evening you can have, and maybe a bit adventurous too.