Music Review – Tom Vek

Tom-Vek-Luck-608x608Tom VekLuck (Moshi Moshi)

London’s Tom Vek sounds like everybody and nobody else all at once. He doesn’t quite fit in the electro square peg, nor does he quite fit into the indie rock round hole. What Vek is adept at doing is combining those elements in his own unique style. His music is thought-provoking yet decisively danceable, all sung in his idiosyncratic monotone signature with vocal phrasings that at times resemble Marc E. Smith from The Fall (while being much more of an accomplished singer). His third full-length album—self proclaimed as “garage rock for the pro-tools generation”—is full of abrasive synths, angular guitar riffs and metallic crunching beats set to expressive crescendos. There’s a certain level of drama and urgency to Vek’s output, and that’s partly what keeps his work so compelling. There’s also a controlled chaos going on. Some tracks border on spiraling out of control, yet they never quite topple off the precipice. Thankfully, this talented multi-instrumentalist’s off-kilter pop music breaks many conventions and molds. He sings “I’m an awesome man” on the album, and I would have to agree. Prime Cuts: “Let’s Pray,” “Pushing Your Luck,” “You’ll Stay” —Paul V for the Independent FM