Mark Reback’s 2013 Favorites

MarkSFCropOur pal Mark Reback, otherwise known as the drummer for LA’s fantastically  fun Black Hi-Lighter, has been a regular contributor here on the Indie FM website. All those new music round-ups and reviews? Yep, that’s him! When he isn’t working on the next Black Hi-Lighter album (due out on Phaedra next May) he’s been getting new music info to you. Look for more of his awesome work on 2014.

Curious about his favorite musical moments of 2013? Wonder no more!

–       Queens Of The Stone Age – “… Like Clockwork” – If you don’t own this amazing record yet, stop reading this right now and go buy it. If you download it, pay for it. They deserve your money.  I wrote a glowing review of this record earlier this year for The Independent FM, so rather than reiterate my passion for it here, I will direct you to the follow link to read it:

–       My Bloody Valentine – “mbv” – Like many other music fanatics, I’ve been waiting 20 years for this record, and never really thought we’d ever hear it… What a relief then, to discover that it did not suck! They’ll never top their classic LP from ‘91 “Loveless”, which changed the soundscape of rock music forever by introducing guitar and vocal sounds that had previously not been heard, which is quite a feat. I highly recommend their new self-released record for a winter’s night listening:

–       Cheatahs – “Cut The Grass / Kenworth” single – This new UK band is all about guitars and tones and early 90’s shoegaze music. If you dig Swervedriver and the above-mentioned My Bloody Valentine, you will LOVE this. This single came out a couple months ago, and they also packaged their last two EPs into one collection earlier this year… it’s all great stuff. Their first proper full length LP will be out on Wichita Records in February 2014 on my b-day, and my band may actually open for them at The Echo here in Los Angeles on Feb. 27th! Check ‘em out!

–       White Lung – “Songs About The South” single – Three ladies that completely rock, along with a mad genius dude on guitar, bring you the feral power of White Lung.  I saw this band three times last year, and their live shows are FEROCIOUS.  Seriously.  They’ve been touring relentlessly and it’s paid off.  Singer Mish Way is magnetic and sexy and she exudes a menacing confidence that is impossible to ignore. Do yourself a favor and see them next time they come to your town. or

–       Best Show of the Year: Quicksand reunion show at The Fonda Theater in Los Angeles – If you haven’t guessed it yet, I prefer bands with guitars and drums. People playing real instruments. This band does it better than most. Quicksand was one of my faves back in the early 90’s. Smart, angular groove rock with power. Yes, please. And main man Walter Schreifels might be the sweetest guy ever. I saw people I hadn’t seen in years at this show back in January. So. Much. Fun.  Isn’t that what live music should be about?  I’m hoping for a new record in 2014!

–       2nd Best Show of the Year: Mudhoney at The Echo in Echo Park – The original line-up of the godfathers of grunge, playing all the songs I wanted to hear. The crowd was rabid and full of people from all age groups. The band even screwed up their biggest hit “Touch Me I’m Sick” 30 seconds in and stopped cold and started over. Who does that now? Nobody. Made me love them even more!

–       Best Rediscovery of the Year – QUEEN Live in Montreal 1981 – This obviously didn’t come out this year, but I just rediscovered it… Dude. This is what a rock show should be. Smoke, lights, volume, showmanship, virtuosity, crowd sing-alongs… Just pure awesomeness. Queen and Freddie Mercury were one of the best live acts ever, and this concert DVD documents them at their peak.