New Music Report – Rocktober edition!

9bcb510cIt’s Rocktober! So of course a whole bunch of new records have come out. Here’s a little taste of what’s out there right now.

IceagePlowing Into the Field of Love (Matador)

The Danish punks of yore have listened to some country and more Birthday Party, and the results sound booze fueled and desperate, but all in a good way.  There’s still that Sonic Youth- like melodic dissonance, but an undercurrent of the Pogues in their more depressing moments lurks as well.

StarsNo One Is Lost (ATO)

Another synth pop offering from Stars, inspired by a shuttered disco and laden with their  detailed stories as lyrics, it is almost dance music without being dance music.

Meatbodiess/t (In the Red)

Chad Ubovich, who toured with Mikal Cronin playing guitar and is also the bassist for Fuzz, he certainly has more than enough talent (and cred) to compete in the current garage rock melee Ty Segall and his ilk have been tearing up the road with  over the last decade. A little bit psych, plenty of hooks, and lot of fun make Ubovich’s band Meatbodies one to rock out to.

Allo Darlin’ – We Come From the Same Place (Slumberland)

Geographical challenges led to a long break between albums from these Aussies (who formed in London) but they are back with a new album of charming indie pop. It’s melodic, sincere and smart jangle rock, delivered with lots of charm and heart.

Mark Lanegan BandPhantom Radio (Vagrant)

If you every wondered how this gravely voiced troubador would sound if he embraced beats and electronic orchestration in lieu of his bluesy gutter rock, now is your chance. Lanegan guests with so many talented artists that it only makes sense that his personal recordings (most of these started on his cell phone recorder) would start to reflect the myriad of musical experiences he has had.


New Music Report 9.23.14

alt-J-This-Is-All-YoursIn just two weeks, there have been a couple of exciting releases! Did you forget these were coming out? Well, they are here!

Alt – J  – This is All Yours (Infectious Music)

Haunting and groovy, these Brits haven’t strayed too far from their debut formula (despite losing an original member of the band). Sort of trippy folky indietronica, not too arty to be off putting and still fun., but there is an underlying sweetness to the whole thing that truly gives it its heart.

TweedySukierae (Anti)

The Wilco frontman has some things to say on his own, and  he’s putting out a double album to make sure you get to hear it all. But it’s not just Jeff you’ll hear on this album – it’s a Tweedy duo, with some Spencer playing the drums and showcasing himself as yet another of the more than capable musicians Jeff tweedy brings to his musical table. Breezy and  folky and intimate.

The Juan MacleanIn A Dream (DFA)

The Juan Maclean had the presence of a DJ act when it first appeared, but it has now become a full fledged band experience with their 3rd album. Taking cues from their live shows and close relationship with LCD Soundsystem (of which now lead vocalist Nancy Whang was a member) has definitely given the band a fullness and soul that wasn’t quite as evident before.

Mr. Twin Sisters/t (Infinite Best/Twin Group)

New York’s Mr. Twin Sister (formerly just Twin Sister) have returned with a bit of reinvention… More of a disco loungey thing, trying to seduce you without appearing to do so. Electronically altered vocals, funky grooves, low key café sounds… it’s all an attempt to make you feel like your evening is the sexiest evening you can have, and maybe a bit adventurous too.


New Music Report 9.11.14

Death-From-Above-1979-The-Physical-WorldSeptember has just gotten going, but there is already a whole bunch of cool new music out there to kick off the month! Here are some quick tips:

Death From Above 1979The Physical World (Last Gang)

It only took a decade and a whole lot of drama, but the boys are back with another sludgy, sexy beast  of a record.  The punk side of QOTSA, the groovy side of Led Zeppelin, and as much crunchy bass and explosive drums that two guys can wrangle up.

BanksGoddess (Harvest Records)

Finally, we have the debut album from Banks, after over a year of singles, appearances on catwalks, radio streams, and even a recorded cover f one of her songs before she was even able to release the full length! If you’re into the downtempo, sexy electro R&B stuff, then here you go.

InterpolEl Pintor (Matador)

The boys are back.. well, three of them anyway. Reaching into their own history and picking the choice moments to sort of recreate, this album will be a soothing reminder of why you liked Interpol in the first place.

Delta SpiritInto the Wide (Dualtone)

This is a southern California band that will always sound like a southern California band, even if they recorded the album in a dark Brooklyn studio (like they did this time). It always sounds sunny (harmonies, melodies) even if lyrically, it isn’t. And lots of the lyrics here are not upbeat and sunny, but it’ll take you a second to catch it.

Avi BuffaloAt Best Cuckhold (Sub Pop)

Some indie pop weirdness (in the sweetest yet mildly twisted way) from this California band, as filtered through the mind of leader Avi Zahner-Isenberg.  Melodic and mad all at the same time.

TennisRitual in Repeat (Communion Records)

This Denver band has delivered the indie pop reliably for years now, but this time around, they’re mixing it up with a little soul power, A little, but it makes a difference.

SinkaneMean Love (DFA)

Afro pop and soul funk as filtered through the lens of psych indie and Sade? That’s a lot of adjectives. But this kind of music kind of requires them and more.

The New PornographersBrill Bruisers (Matador)

One of our favorite supergroups is back, the so amazingly poppy New Pornographers. Not like Top 40 pop, but equal parts power pop, bubblegum pop, indie pop, retro pop, all with a bit of bite. Badass pop, let’s say that.

Cymbals Eat GuitarsLose (Barsuk)

These New Yorkers have released a good take on the whole 90s indie rock nostalgia thing, with an experimental and noodly edge and moments of chamber pop and western twang. That’s a whole lotta… well, awesome, it turns out!