Album Review: The Julie Ruin – Run Fast (Dischord)

130903-the-julie-ruin-run-fastIt’s a good day when Kathleen Hanna puts out a new record! As it seems that Le Tigre is now officially kaput, Hanna is busying herself with The Julie Ruin, which she first formed in 1997. Back for ‘version 2013’ is Bikini Kill bassist Kathi Wilcox and Kiki & Herb’s Kenny Mellman on keys and backing vocals, and this could ostensibly be a new Le Tigre record.  It has all the sass and spittle you’d expect, with more of a bedroom jam vibe. Either way, it’s a record you’ll wanna sink your teeth into. Hanna’s fervent sneer is in full effect on spunky indie dance tracks like lead single “Oh Come On” and the pogo-inducing “Cookie Road,” while “Just My Kind” sounds like a hipster update of The Ronettes. And big kudos to Mellman, who really cuts loose with space-age synths and a Nick Cave-inspired wail on the call-and-response “Kids in NYC.” He also handles lead vocals on the frenetic “South Coast Plaza,” an awesome sing-speak punk rock polemic about getting wasted and having underage sex in Orange County. She might be in her early 40s now, but Hanna has effortlessly graduated to riot woman with all the freakazoid, spitfire chops we’ve come to know and love her for.

Paul V. for The Independent FM