Goldfrapp - Tales of Us

Album Review: Goldfrapp – Tales Of Us

Goldfrapp - Tales of UsGoldfrapp is sometimes a case study in musical schizophrenia. For you see, the group generally falls into two camps—orchestral/acoustic and glam/
electro—many times combining the two while other times not straying from one formula.

This admittedly abstract new effort falls into the former, much like the band’s astral debut and the more recent Seventh Tree. Here, each track is a person’s name, and this is an album that deserves to be heard in its entirety with no distractions or noise, because each song practically begs to waft through your consciousness unabated. These 10 tracks unfurl their own magical charms at an unhurried pace, with Allison Goldfrapp’s breathless, sumptuous voice essentially whispering enticements in your ears. The only track that barely breaks a sweat with an understated beat is “Thea,” while “Annabel” is about a girl trapped inside the body of a boy, and “Simone” tells of a woman who came home to find her daughter in bed with her own lover. Now, does this album suffer a bit from its weightless, ethereal sameness? Yes, it does. However, if you give this the repeated spins it deserves, you’ll find yourself transported to a place of tranquil ecstasy that’s quite a rarity these days.

– Paul V. for The Independent FM