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Check Out Some Music!

Hey LA, lots of great live music happening this week and Buzzbands LA has the complete round up here.

LA Shows This Week

What’s happening in Los Angeles? A lot! As usual. Buzzbands LA was kind enough to make a list of the week’s shows and you can see it here. (pictured: The Black Lips)

What’s Happenin’ LA?

Curious about shows coming up in Los Angeles this week? The folks at Buzzbands LA have this handy rundown for you. (pictured: The Record Company)

Shows This Week

As we wind up May and jump into June, live music in LA ramps up too. There are lots of shows to check out, and Buzzbands LA has the complete listing here for you. (pictured: WAVVES)

Happy Geek Pride Day!

Mo’s at it again… Tune in!
cocktails-web.png no indie

Cocktail Time!

Music biz veteran Gia DeSantis brings the party with Cocktails In the Kiddie Pool, playing fun indie rock shows created for whatever whim she’s come up with that day. Tune in Mondays from 2-4pm PST and Fridays from 3-5pm PST.

Breakfast With the Smiths

Join our resident Sweet & Tender Hooligan, Jose Maldonado, for┬áBreakfast with The Smiths… Wednesdays from 8-10am PST, Fridays from midnight – 2am PST, and Sundays from 9-11am PST. ┬áDuring the show, call 888-544-9920 for requests!

Music Music Music

There is a ton of live music to see in this town, and Buzzbands LA has the round up here. (pictured: At The Drive In)

Music in LA This Week!

As usual, plenty to see if you’re up for it! Buzzbands LA has the weekly roundup of live music here. (pictured: Tijuana Panthers)

Live Music in LA (Besides Coachella)

Yea, many Angelenos spend this time of year in the desert checking out all kinds of music, but we still have lots of great stuff happening here in town. Buzzbands LA has the entire round up here. (pictured: Mastodon)

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